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28 April 2017

Choosing the right company for the transport of dangerous goods

Choosing the right company for the transport of dangerous goods

The transport of dangerous goods is considered an important task given the many hazards and safety issues involved. There are so many transport companies out there that you want to ensure you choose the right company for your needs. One thing to keep in mind that not every company will follow the strict standards of transporting dangerous goods. Hence, it is important to invest your time and effort in researching and choosing the most trusted and reliable company for the task. Here are a few tips that can assist you in choosing the right company for the transport of dangerous goods.

Service License

The first thing to look for is the license of the transportation company for all its service offerings. Most specifically, check if the company has a license for dangerous good transportation from the state or national board. Blindly going with one company without checking their license will run you the risk of getting caught for illegal practices and ultimately paying for heavy penalties.

Insurance policies

Another equally important aspect to consider is whether the company has any reliable insurance policies in place. Given how the actual practice of transporting dangerous goods is easily prone to accidents and possible unfortunate events, you want to protect yourself from such unforeseen circumstances and liability. By choosing a company with proper insurance policies, you can rest assured knowing that if you have a sufficient cover for the dangerous goods being transported.

Legal procedures and paperwork

When it comes to the transport of dangerous goods, one thing you know for sure is that there will be lots and lots of legal procedures and paperwork involved. Such practice is often complicated and hard to manage. You wouldn’t want to spend your precious time going through all the paperwork, getting licenses and so on. Instead, look for a transport company, which is experienced and knowledgeable with all of the legal stuff and paperwork behind the transport of dangerous goods.

Tracking system

It is always a good idea to ask the transport company to provide you with a tracking number so that you can be proactive in tracing and tracking the dangerous goods shipment. In most cases, time is a key priority through which you need to know if the shipment arrives on time and is not lagging behind. A company that appears helpful and committed to helping you keep track of the transport of dangerous goods will give you peace of mind and ensure the job is done right and on time and on budget.

Emergency Responses

Apart from timely delivery, communication is another important consideration when choosing the right transport company. The company needs to be available in times of emergency such as accidents during transportation or late shipment. Make sure you know that the company will always be there to proactively assist you with any urgent enquiries or arising issues relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

Above are some quick tips in helping you select the right transport company for transporting dangerous goods. This decision is crucial in ensuring the safety and health of the everyone involved and the general public. If you are looking for a trusted company for the transport of dangerous goods in WA, look no further than Sykes Transport. Request a quote today and let us handle the hard work.

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